"Café de tierra negra, verde y dorada..."

Asociación de productores Agropecuarios de La Unión Nariño


ASPROUNIÓN is a not-for-profit organisation made up of farmers who own small high quality coffee acreage.

ASPROUNIÓN was legally constituted by 112 members in November 20, 2001.


Es la unión de los caficultores


  • Integrity

  • Good customer service

  • Trust

  • Open, direct and honest communications

  • Practicality


ASPROUNIÓN as an organised coffee grower group facilitates the integral and sustainable human development of the family unit around the high quality coffee value chain.


Transforming ASPROUNIÓN coffee grower families into socially, economically and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurial units.

Nuestros Productos

Línea Familiar

Café torrado, tostado y molido

Coffee produced by members of ASPROUNIÓN has the following characteristics: Culture in the shade, more than 15 fruit trees and staple food crops accompany coffee farming. These trees and plants provide shelter against the severity of the weather and are a habitat for birds, mammal and other fauna, provide organic matter and protect the soil, generating a microclimate that is favourable to the quality of the bean.

Línea Oro

Café de tierra negra, verde y dorada

Presentaciones de:

  • 250 gramos
  • 500 gramos
  • 1.000 gramos

These coffees already produce a SCAA cup above 84+ but thanks to beneficiating processes being adopted, have produced cups of up to 92 SCAA points.

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