"Coffee of green, black and golden soil..."

Asociación de productores Agropecuarios de La Unión Nariño


ASPROUNIÓN is a not-for-profit organisation made up of farmers who own small high quality coffee acreage.

ASPROUNIÓN was legally constituted by 112 members in November 20, 2001.


It is the union of coffee growers


  • Integrity

  • Good customer service

  • Trust

  • Open, direct and honest communications

  • Practicality


ASPROUNIÓN as an organised coffee grower group facilitates the integral and sustainable human development of the family unit around the high quality coffee value chain.


Transforming ASPROUNIÓN coffee grower families into socially, economically and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurial units.


Family line

100% roasted beans for daily consumption.

Cup profile: soft, SCAA 80 score.
Aroma: red fruits, walnut and panela.
Acidity: medium
Body: medium
Taste notes: panela
Presentations: 125g, 250g, 500g

Gold Line

Coffee of green, black and golden soil

Coffee of Nariño origin in which its expressive acidity is highlighted, produced in the mountainous regions of Nariño.

Cup profile: soft, SCAA score 83+
Aroma: floral, caramel, panela, almonds, honey, citrus to orange.
Acidity: medium-high
Body: medium-juicy
Taste notes: panela, honey.
Presentations: 250g, 500g, 1000g.

Green coffee beans

Presentation: sacks of Fique #10 and grainpro bag with 70 kg.

Preparation: UGQ (Usual Good Quality), It is a mixture between flat coffee grain and peaberry, coffee of large, medium and small size, retained above mesh number 14 duly selected.


Green or roasted coffee with SCAA 86+ score


Visit our cafeteria and enjoy the work of the coffee growers

Address: Kra. 38 bis # b3 bis-21, San Fernando Cali.