ASPROUNIÓN is a not-for-profit organisation made up of farmers who own small high quality coffee acreage. ASPROUNIÓN was legally constituted by 112 members in November 20, 2001. Forming ASPROUNIÓN as a company was the result of analysis and deliberation by coffee growers who were searching for the best way to perform in the coffee value chain. This process commenced in La Vereda de Juan Solarte Obando de La Unión Nariño and two years later ended in the municipal seat of La Unión during the meeting where the organisation was legally created. Currently, ASPROUNIÓN has 200 member families.

About us

Currently, ASPROUNIÓN has 200 member families.

Where are we located?

The plant and office of ASPROUNIÓN are based in the municipality of La Unión, having a coffee collection point in the municipal seat.

What do we do?

Each member family produces high quality coffee independently but following the advice and guidance in ASPROUNIÓN’s directions. The organisation collects, processes and markets the coffee according to each client’s cup profile and requirement.

How do we do it?

All production, storage, threshing, roasting and logistics processes are developed by highly trained personnel, including accredited Q-graders and roast-masters who apply strict protocols in order to guarantee traceability and consistent high cup quality.

How do we do it?

The livelihood of municipality La Unión revolves around coffee.  That is why ASPROUNIÓN seeks to strengthen as many coffee chain links as possible, generate added value through the production of high quality coffee, processing and direct sales, thus improving development opportunities for members of the ASPROUNIÓN family and the farming community impacted by them.