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World of coffee Berlin 2019

On June 6-8, 2019, the world cup tasters championship was held in Berlin, Germany with the participation of the Nariñense Harol Lasso, who represented Colombia in this contest. 

 It is not the first time that a Nariñense participates in this contest, in 2011 and 2017 it was Eduardo Armero, who was representing #Colombia in Maastricht, Holland and Budapest, Hungary, relatively; and this year it was the turn of Harol, which indicates that there is plenty of talent in our region. 

Nariño is a land full of flavors and fragrances, unparalleled geographical conditions, and it is here, without doubt, that Nariño coffee is produced, characterized by a coffee with high acidity, medium body, sweet notes, clean, soft and pronounced aroma. 

Thanks to this high quality coffee, the young generations of coffee farmers practice the art of cup tasting obtaining outstanding results.

Eduardo Armero was the first to train as a coffee taster in ASPROUNIÓN and later, with other Q-graders, they were in charge of training the young talents of the region, resulting in new national champions, such as Harol. Currently, ASPROUNIÓN continues to support the young generations of coffee tasters, roasting masters and baristas.

 Since 2010, in which Eduardo Armero won the national tasting competition in Colombia, ASPROUNIÓN continued to accompany the tasters in this process of professional growth.

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Today Harol is an example to follow as a young taster, he has great dreams and new goals to reach, being in Berlin gave him new perspectives and experience in the field of cupping and we hope that our young people of La Union can achieve their dreams through coffee.

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