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If it doesn’t, you will need to delete your SoftwareDistribution directory manually. If rerunning the update doesn’t do the trick, you may have a hardware or driver conflict. Try unplugging all of your peripherals, like webcams, microphones, and scanners, before you reboot.

After that, the scanning process will begin and please do not close the command line window until you see the message verification 100% completed. When the process is finished, you can reboot your computer and check whether the issue computer won’t update Windows 10 is solved. Microsoft provides an automated diagnostic tool called Windows Update Troubleshooter which can be used to fix Windows 10 won’t download updates issues. Now, we will introduce how to use Troubleshooter to fix Window 10 update error. If nothing works, you can try booting Windows in a clean boot state.

Once you log in successfully, you’ll be in the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional automatically. And you can try those methods to repair your PC. If you don’t want to try the methods mentioned above, you can restore your system, if you have created system restore points. Top 4 Ways to Prevent High CPU Usage in Windows 10Have you found that your PC acts slow and instable due to high CPU usage issue? Here I will share 4 methods with you to fix it. You can automatically clean up the disk by scheduling it daily, weekly, or monthly as per your need.

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0x C, for example, usually means there’s an issue with an important piece of hardware or with its driver. For example, a Blue Screen of Death that appears after certain driver issues with the hard drive controller will show a bug check code of 0x B, indicating that’s the problem.

  • Click on Advanced options and select Troubleshoot.
  • In most cases, these viruses come attached to downloaded or system files and start affecting the normal running of applications.

Windows 11 update breaks the network connection? A Windows 11 update may have many bugs.

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When finished, the troubleshooter will give you a list of any problems found and fixed, at which point you can select Close to end the process. If the troubleshooter did find and fix important issues, you should now try your update process again. So windows update has been forcing my computer to restart to update tons of times recently but it never does update. You need to wait until the whole installation process ends.