Family line

100% roasted beans for daily consumption.

Cup profile: soft, SCAA 80 score.
Aroma: red fruits, walnut and panela.
Acidity: medium
Body: medium
Taste notes: panela
Presentations: 125g, 250g, 500g

Gold Line

Coffee of green, black and golden soil

Coffee of Nariño origin in which its expressive acidity is highlighted, produced in the mountainous regions of Nariño.

Cup profile: soft, SCAA score 83+
Aroma: floral, caramel, panela, almonds, honey, citrus to orange.
Acidity: medium-high
Body: medium-juicy
Taste notes: panela, honey.
Presentations: 250g, 500g, 1000g.

Green coffee beans

Presentation: sacks of Fique #10 and grainpro bag with 70 kg.

Preparation: UGQ (Usual Good Quality), It is a mixture between flat coffee grain and peaberry, coffee of large, medium and small size, retained above mesh number 14 duly selected.


Green or roasted coffee with SCAA 86+ score


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