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Our Impact


ASPROUNIÓN commenced training processes for coffee growers in topics such as physical and organoleptic analysis. In addition, many coffee grower children were trained in its school, which generated knowledge amongst coffee growers and allowed them better decision making at the time of selling their coffee. At present, coffee is not only commercialised based on physical parameters but on organoleptic parameters as well. On the other hand, the image of organised coffee grower processes gained confidence before the coffee grower union and other organisations, showing organised coffee grower processes as strategic allies within regional development and commercial processes. Within the organisation, it helped the attainment of skills and knowledge that today is reaping benefits such as having a stronger voice within the union, leading the practices of their own potential development and contributing on a daily basis to the betterment of their region.

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Coffee cupping school

The first people trained in the various coffee topics created “A catar café”, a comprehensive training school that has been the foundation for generational relay and promotion of new talents both for Asprounión and other entities in Nariño and Colombia.
More than 15 people have already been trained at the school and today continue associated to the coffee industry working for different companies in Colombia. Furthermore, more than 100 children and young people have been trained at “A catar café” and are growing up in a coffee production environment and will be the Association’s future.


A new economic era for coffee growing in La Unión Nariño was born with ASPROUNIÓN. Local commercial, industrial and export processes now in the hands of organised coffee growers continuously creates new employment opportunities and more and better economic resources for coffee growers. Most importantly, the increased empowerment created by having the value chain from production to final consumer in the hands of coffee farmers.


Historically, agriculture and coffee farming carried out by the members of ASPROUNIÓN is environmentally friendly. However, ASPROUNIÓN supports the activity with new clean and organic production technique programs that are economically profitable to grow high quality coffee.


Cafe La Jacoba